Blacksnake Creek Stormwater Separation Improvement Project

St. Joseph, MO
City of St. Joseph, MO
August 2019

The Blacksnake Creek Stormwater Separation Improvement Project was designed to intercept and convey the Blacksnake Creek flows as well as other stormwater flows that are currently directed into the Blacksnake Creek Basin combined sewer system.  The Work generally consists of the construction of 108-inch diameter concrete precast segment lined 6,648-foot long tunnel, 37-foot diameter baffle drop shaft, 48 feet of near surface reinforced concrete box culvert, 2-foot diameter vent shaft, 181 feet of 90-inch diameter open cut steel pipe installation, 125 feet of 90-inch jacked steel pipe, an energy dissipation structure, site restoration, and performance of other various site work as indicated in the Contract Documents.

Ground conditions along the tunnel alignment are expected to transition from soft ground to hard rock with some mixed face conditions between.  This project is utilizing the first China-Built Lovsuns TBM for the North American Market.  The TBM arrived in the USA in June 2018 and was successfully assembled on site. As of Spring 2019, the TBM is fully launched and approximately 514 segment rings have been installed totaling approximately 2,056 LF.